How do I get demonology hidden artifact?

How do I get demonology hidden artifact? 

Who is Thal Kiel? Several years before the coming of Sargeras to Argus, Thal’kiel was a sorcerer of unmatched talent who led an order of eredar magi called the Wakeners, specialists in the arts of conjuration and binding.

Can you Transmog artifact weapons? Just like any other weapon you can transmog your artifact into something else at the transmogrifier. To apply a tint to your artifact instead, you will have to visit the Artifact Weapon Forge in your Legion Class Order Hall.

Which expansion has the artifact weapons? Obtaining one of these artifacts begins with an epic quest at the start of the expansion upon the Broken Shore (Broken Isles) or when a character hits approx. level 98 and is offered the Battle on the Broken Shore scenario.

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How did thrall get doomhammer?

The prophecy, however, had not yet run its course. So it was that Orgrim, mortally wounded while fighting to free his people from imprisonment, bestowed the Doomhammer on one who was not of his clan or bloodline: Thrall.

Who made ashbringer?

Upon being forged, the sword was named after its original wielder, Alexandros Mograine, former Highlord of the Silver Hand, who was known as “The Ashbringer” during the wars against the Undead. Alexandros’ oldest son, Renault betrayed and murdered him using the sword, transforming it into [Corrupted Ashbringer].

Can you get artifact weapons in Shadowlands?

You can get your first Artifact Weapon quest in Dalaran after you complete the Legion introductory quest chain. A member of your order will approach you and offer a quest to get your first Artifact Weapon. If you want to get the other artifacts for your class, visit our Getting Your Second Artifact article.

What happened to artifact weapons after legion?

Patch 7.3. 5 added the send-off for artifact weapons and as such ended the Legion storyline, with the weapons having to be used in order to neutralize the sword Sargeras used to impale the world in Silithus.

Where are the artifact weapons in dying light 2?

Artifact Weapon Locations
  • Houndfield.
  • Horse Shoe.
  • Trinity.
  • Quarry End.
  • Observatory.
  • Garrison.
  • Downtown.
  • New Dawn Park.

Are artifact weapons useless in Shadowlands?

Some people say that the heirlooms are worthless, but in reality, the artifact weapons are worthless.

Can you still get ashbringer?

No, the boss that dropped Corrupted Ashbringer was replaced in Wotlk.

Do Legion artifacts level with you?

Legion artifacts do not automatically scale with your level, but you can upgrade them with Relics, which are inserted into the three relic slots at the top of your artifact weapon interface. You do not need to visit your Order Hall to interface with the artifact forge to do this.

Can you still get Legion artifact skins in Shadowlands?

They’re still obtainable.

Can you still do Mage Tower?

As of March 29, 2022, The Mage Tower is available permanently and not tied to Legion Timewalking.

Can you still get Mage Tower tints?

IMPORTANT: The basic tint of the challenge appearance is no longer attainable, as the Mage Tower became unavailable with the release of 8.0 (Battle for Azeroth). The other tints can still be unlocked if you finished the Mage Tower Artifact Challenge during Legion.

Will Mage Tower appearances ever come back?

Blizzard has announced that the Mage Tower is returning to World of Warcraft as a permanent fixture in Azeroth.

How hard is Mage Tower?

Its supposed to be a very difficult challenge, and in return you get a real neat reward. If you’ve only done a few attempts and you think its overtuned, you most likely haven’t tried it enough. It definately feels impossible at first, but it is doable.

How do you get a Werebear Druid form?

Druid’s Fel Werebear appearance can be obtained only during the Legion Timewalk Event.


  1. 50 level druid;
  2. ~20k gold to buy consumables/enchants & sockets;
  3. set of gear 50+ ilvl or higher for tank spec.

How do you get ghost of the Pridemother?

Ghost of the Pridemother: Unlocked through the Mage Tower Artifact Challenge, An Impossible Foe. Note: The basic tint of the challenge appearance is unobtainable as of Battle for Azeroth prepatch. The other tints can still be unlocked if you finished the Mage Tower Artifact Challenge during Legion.

Can you still get might of the Grizzlemaw?

Nope. Rolling back on the decision to remove mage tower appearances wouldn’t happen.

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