How do I become evil Infernax?

How do I become evil Infernax? Become evil

Simply walk into the house and use the Teleport spell. This will teleport Jarvis straight into the cultist hideout, where he’ll be mercilessly sacrificed. This is the point at which you officially turn to the dark side.

How many endings does Infernax have? Infernax has five main endings (and a few “bonus” endings). There’s The Path of the Wretch (evil), The Path of the Martyr (good), The Path of Evil (ultimate evil), and The Path of Righteous (ultimate good).

Should I break the dam in Infernax? Don’t break the dam

You can answer “Yes,” “No,” or “Never.” Pick “Never,” then fight off the onslaught of specters that appears. Then, when you find the damn, don’t attack it (or it will flood Arkos).

How do you get elixir in Infernax? 

How do I become evil Infernax? – Additional Questions

How do you get the last weapon in Infernax?

Once you’ve gotten the Necronomicon, you’ll have access to the Hidden Crypt dungeon (smash through the wall just beyond the Necoromicon’s pedestal to enter the dungeon). Clear the dungeon and you’ll earn the final weapon in the game, the Holy Mace. This also unlocks the Trophy/Achievement Slaves of Pain.

How do you get the ultimate good ending in Infernax?

Infernax Guide: How to Get the Path of Redemption Ending
  1. Help the Man and Kill Paimon (Good)
  2. Save the Village (Mandatory)
  3. Activate cheat codes.
  4. Get the Teleport spell.
  5. Talk to Genevieve.
  6. Talk to Josephine.
  7. Pick up both quests in Darsov garrison.
  8. Finish off the Aberration (mandatory)

How do you break the 5 seals Infernax?

To break a seals you must fight 5 bosses and break their corresponding orbs. Two orbs are immediately accessible to the player, first is in Valeshire Keep and second is in Combbelton Necropolis. Father Henry will give clues about each dungeon area.

How do you jump higher in Infernax?

How do you break the rock in Infernax?

How do you get to Kadjanto peak?

How do I deal with a possessed husband in Infernax?

How do I help the possessed man in Infernax?

This is pretty close to the end of the game, so you’ll have to leave the man hanging for a while. When you finally do clear Kadjanto Stronghold and get Holy Light, use the spell to cure him. He will give you a potion flask as a reward. And that’s how you help both of the possessed men in Infernax!

How do you save the possessed husband in Infernax?

You will find husband under the platform next to the house. You will need to reach Kadjanto Stronghold and find the last spell to finish the quest. After finding Holy Light Spell or Hellfire Spell, you need to cast the projectile at the Possessed Man to cure him or complete his demon transformation.

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