How did The Simpsons predict everything?

How did The Simpsons predict everything? Essentially, the brains behind The Simpsons – and Futurama, given the cross-pollination of comedic talent – are renowned for being the most over-educated and over-qualified television writers going around. As of 2014, the show has hired dozens of scribes who’ve studied at the prestigious Harvard University: Al Jean.

What else did The Simpsons predict? Murder Hornets. In the same episode that The Simpsons predicted a pandemic, they also gave clues to another outbreak. During the episode “Marge in Chains,” a crowd of people demanded that they wanted a placebo to cure their illness.

What episode does The Simpsons predict 911? 

The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson
“The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson”
The Simpsons episode
Episode no. Season 9 Episode 1
Directed by Jim Reardon
Written by Ian Maxtone-Graham

How does the world end on The Simpsons? 

How did The Simpsons predict everything? – Additional Questions

What year did The Simpsons predicted the end of the world?

“Thank God, It’s Doomsday” is the nineteenth episode of the sixteenth season of the American animated television series The Simpsons. It first aired on the Fox network in the United States on May 8, 2005.

Thank God, It’s Doomsday.

“Thank God, It’s Doomsday”
Couch gag Everyone in the family looks like Moe Szyslak–including the female members.

When did The Simpsons start?

The Simpsons began in 1987 as a cartoon short on the Tracy Ullman Show, a variety program on the Fox Broadcasting Company. Expanded to half an hour, it debuted as a Christmas special on December 17, 1989, and then began airing regularly in January 1990.

Why are The Simpsons yellow?

Image credit: The Simpsons Instagram

Groening further revealed how he wanted his cartoon to be eye-catching. When one is flipping through channels, he wanted the bright yellow colour of The Simpsons to catch their eyes and make them go back to watch it. And so, the iconic yellow Simpsons family was created.

What does Simpson stand for?

Simpson (name)
Word/name England and Scotland
Meaning “Son of Simme”
Region of origin England and Scotland
Other names

1 more row

Will The Simpsons ever end?

Currently in its 33rd season and being renewed through its 34th, The Simpsons is confirmed to be on the air until at least 2023, but if history is anything to go by, it’ll continue long after.

Is The Simpsons ending in 2023?

Fox ordered two more seasons of The Simpsons, locking in the animated series through the end of Season 34 in 2023 and bringing its run to a total of 757 episodes. The network announced the renewal today during the Television Critics Association’s virtual winter press tour.

Is The Simpsons appropriate for 7 year olds?

When it comes to “The Simpsons,” Common Sense Media recommends that only children ages 10 and up view the show. The organization cites that the show does contain violence, sexually explicit content, substance use, and anarchy at times.

How old is Bart Simpson?

Bart Simpson’s Age

Bart’s age is a bit easier to take a swing at hitting, as Bart actually had a birthday officially take place onscreen. Bart turned 10 in the season 3 episode “Radio Bart,” and has always canonically been 10 since, making him 38-years-old as of 2020.

Why has The Simpsons lasted so long?

I think “The Simpsons” has lasted so long because its initial seasons – the first five – laid strong and solid groundwork. It was an amazing combination of creative forces and timing. Fox was a brand-new network. There was relatively nothing else on TV.

When did The Simpsons start to go bad?

The end of the golden era (a noticeable decline in quality) is not the same as when the show stopped being enjoyable to watch. The general consensus is that by season 10 or 11, The Simpsons had definitely started to “suffer”, “lose its mojo and become less consistent from week-to-week”.

What is the highest rated Simpsons episode?

The Simpsons: 15 Best Episodes According To IMDb
  • 9 Marge vs.
  • 8 The City of New York vs.
  • 7 The Springfield Files (S8E10) – 9,1.
  • 6 Treehouse of Horror V (S6E6) – 9,1.
  • 5 Cape Feare (S5E2) – 9,1.
  • 4 Who Shot Mr.
  • 2 You Only Move Twice (S8E2) – 9,3.
  • 1 Homer´s Enemy (S8E23) – 9,3. or, in other words, Frank Grimes.

Will The Simpsons ever age?

Though it is widely accepted that the Simpson family do not age, and the Simpson children remain perpetually 10, 8 and 1, this is a lie. Somewhere between the Golden Age of The Simpsons (Seasons 3-8) and today, the Simpson children grew up. Bart, Lisa and – Lord have mercy!

How old should Bart be?

One of the reasons The Simpsons has such staying power is that the characters never age.

How old are the Simpsons now?

Homer Bart
+ +
36 10
= =
67 41

Is Marge older than Homer?

Marge Simpson – 34 in the show, 58 in 2016

Back in season two episode “The Way We Was”, Marge is shown as a high school senior with Homer, making her 18 years old in 1974. Doing the maths we’d assume she’d be the same age as Homer, but in season one’s “Some Enchanted Evening” Marge calls in Dr.

How much older is Bart than Lisa?

Lisa is born 2 years after Bart, in 1981, placing her at 8 years old throughout the series. In reality, Lisa should be 40 years old. She would still no doubt be a vegetarian, and maybe if she had aged and grown, she could have overcome her stubby fingers to become a famous jazz musician.

Does Bart have ADHD?

He wrote that Bart is normally “not particularly overactive or distractible”, and that the writers “trie[d] to make [Bart] seem more hyper than normal”. He concluded by saying that “Bart’s a behavior problem but not ADHD.”

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