How can I improve my relationship with my boss astrology?

How can I improve my relationship with my boss astrology? 

Try them out and you’ll feel a pleasant change in your life.
  1. Offer jal (water) to Sun every morning.
  2. Offer jal (water) mixed with batasha (if there is too much trouble)
  3. Offer leaves of Arka tree to a Shivling everyday.
  4. Recite Dwadash Surya naam mala.
  5. Regularly perform Shiv Pooja.

Which house is for Boss in astrology? The factors that have to be analysed for boss-subordinate relationships are the 9th & 10th lords, and also 9th and 10th houses. If the 9th lord or the 9th house is afflicted in an individual?

Which planet is responsible for hard work? In order to get success in higher studies Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Ketu have to be in good position. Mercury represents intelligence, Jupiter stands for knowledge & wisdom, Venus is all about entertainment, art & crafts, whereas Ketu represents hidden intelligence & highly technical skill.

Which planet is responsible for work? Well, it is planet Saturn. We can say that it is one of the most significant planets for a career, also known as Jeevana Karaka or Karma Karaka. While Saturn is considered a malicious planet, when it remains favourable, it can also be a benefactor in a chart.

How can I improve my relationship with my boss astrology? – Additional Questions

Which planet is responsible for laziness?

Rahu is known to confer malefic effects in general and is considered as a planet which induces laziness, delays, and hurdles in work. Rahu is known to reflect its shadow for 18 months in a zodiac.

Which planet is responsible for overthinking?

Another place to look is to the planet Mercury, which rules thinking, communication, information, and logistics. If Mercury is making certain intense astrological aspects with other planets in the zodiac, it could show an inclination toward looping thoughts or overthinking.

Which planet is Karaka for job?

Similarly, Saturn is the Karak planet for your job. It is analysed to gather information about your skills and hard work. Hence, these three planets need to be auspicious and strong. It is important to analyse the state of the Lords of sixth and tenth house from Birth Ascendant, Moon and Sun.

Which house is responsible for job?

The houses 2,6,10 and 11 are the prime houses for salaried career and 6th house is the most important because it is expense of your employer. The 11th house is the house of fulfilment of desires and thus in a way it is the most important house in a horoscope for each and every matter related to self.

Which house is responsible for getting job?

The tenth house provides substantial clues to your future or current job or work. Considering your tenth house, its lord, and planets occupying the tenth house, your job predictions would be made.

Which planet is Karaka for career?

Saturn as Amatyakaraka Planet in your Janam Kundli

Saturn is the planet that signifies jobs related to repetition, hard work, and service to society since it’s the planet of justice and karma.

Which Graha is responsible for business?

Mars, the red planet, is solely responsible for the business.

Does Saturn rule career?

Saturn is associated with lead, iron, grains, the deceased, lazy people, slaves, lowly people, poor men, renunciation, dead things, among other things. Miners, merchants of coal, and other commodities ruled by Saturn, plumbers, watchmen, and so on are all represented by Saturn profession.

Which planet is responsible for respect?

Sun: Sun is the Atma (soul) of all planets and the person as well. It possesses various positive traits such as being a fatherly figure, having immense strength, holds self-respect and authority.

Which lagna is most powerful?

Udaya lagna – The Most Effective Point.

Which planet is responsible for mental stress?

Moon with Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu can give rise to depression. Debilitated Moon, Mercury and Jupiter can cause a mental imbalance. Moon sitting in conjunction with Saturn makes a person’s mind heavy. Saturn is fear and limitation.

Which planet is responsible for low confidence?

Mercury reflects the confidence level and excellent communication skills and hence it should strengthen to increase your confidence. You must feed grass to cows or feed crow or dog on Wednesday to strengthen your Mercury.

Which planet is responsible for long life?

Saturn situated in the 6th house prolongs life. Death can occur in the dasha of a weak benefic planet occupying the 8th house or the lord of the lagna can give yoga and kill the native.

Which planet gives skin problems?

Mercury: Nervous system, skin, face, thyroid. It has a direct influence over mental disorders, ear problems, etc.

Which house in astrology is for death?

Determination of Dosha causing death

The Dosha (humour) represented by the planet in the 8th House causes the disease that leads to death. If many planets occupy the 8th House, the body would be subject to several attacks resulting from the excess of various Humours indicated by such powerful planets leading to death.

How do you know if Saturn is strong?

Saturn may be strong or very strong in Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius; depending on its nakshatra and navamsha placements within these signs. It may have significant strength or it may be strong in Taurus, Gemini and Virgo; depending on its nakshatra and navamsha placements within these signs.

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