How accurate is Angolmois?

How accurate is Angolmois? While perhaps not entirely accurate (for entertainment purposes), this anime is based on the real historical invasion of the Mongols in 1274. As such, you can expect the type of combat typical of that era, which means significant graphic violence.

Is Angolmois done? The series went on hiatus after Samurai Ace ceased publication in December 2013. It was then moved to Kadokawa’s ComicWalker app starting on July 11, 2014. The last chapter was released on ComicWalker on January 2, 2019.

Is Angolmois based on a true story? Based on true stories of the Mongol Invasions that shook Japan in the 13th century, watch as samurai face off with the Mongol Invaders on the island of Tsushima in Northern Kyushu in this animated history spectacular.

What happened to Kano in Angolmois? Kano, raped (presumably) and killed in shielding Teruhi.

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