Does Infernax have multiple endings?

Does Infernax have multiple endings? Infernax features multiple endings that will reward the player with extra content such as entries to Inferno Power.

How do you get the good ending in Infernax? 

Infernax Guide: How to Get the Path of Redemption Ending
  1. Help the Man and Kill Paimon (Good)
  2. Save the Village (Mandatory)
  3. Activate cheat codes.
  4. Get the Teleport spell.
  5. Talk to Genevieve.
  6. Talk to Josephine.
  7. Pick up both quests in Darsov garrison.
  8. Finish off the Aberration (mandatory)

How do you get to the future in Infernax? To go to the future you need to get at least 90% complete in the Demonology. This will most likely need you to do good, pure good, evil and pure evil runs in order to reach all areas and see all enemies and bosses.

How many endings does Infernax have? Infernax has five main endings (and a few “bonus” endings). There’s The Path of the Wretch (evil), The Path of the Martyr (good), The Path of Evil (ultimate evil), and The Path of Righteous (ultimate good).

Does Infernax have multiple endings? – Additional Questions

How do you get the sword in Infernax?

After performing a number of dastardly deeds you will be given the opportunity to play a part in a human sacrifice (things get very dark during this playthrough). Once you have completed that quest, you will be given a new aesthetic. This will come with a new weapon: the sword.

How do I get Skycall in Infernax?

How do you break walls in Infernax?

Should I destroy the dam Infernax?

Flood Arkos is a side quest in Infernax. Simon Johns, a “resident” of Arkos, will ask you to destroy the dam keeping the village safe and above water level. He will not give you the quest if your moral score is high enough, so it is recommended to do it as early as possible.

Where is Alan in Infernax?

She has a house in the bottom level of Arkos, and if you visit her there (once you have access to Arkos), she will give you a quest to rid the world of Paimon once and for all. Your next step is to travel to Kastki and visit Alan (who runs the Magic Shop there). He’ll give you an incantation.

How do I get Infernax password?

How do you use cheats on Infernax?

Once you reach the area where there’s a Book surrounded by a few candles, press the button prompted on the screen. This will bring up the game wizard where you’ll see the ENTER CODE section. Now type the cheat code mentioned above and you will see the effects immediately.

How do you get elixir in Infernax?

How do you get to Stormheim Infernax?

How do you get the thunderstorm spell in Infernax?

To obtain the Thunderstorm spell, you need to go to the “first” dungeon and obtain it. This is located in Valeshire by the saving area. It’s on one of the weirder paths, one you might not take given it’s not required to beat the dungeon. Once you have this, return to Stormheim Shore to summon the castle.

How do you break the 5 seals Infernax?

To break a seals you must fight 5 bosses and break their corresponding orbs. Two orbs are immediately accessible to the player, first is in Valeshire Keep and second is in Combbelton Necropolis. Father Henry will give clues about each dungeon area.

How do you get to Kadjanto peak?

How do I deal with a possessed husband in Infernax?

How do you get the best weapon in Infernax?

The best weapon is hidden in the optional dungeon in Combbelton Cemetery.
  1. This place is only accessible when you have every ability or at least get far enough to enter the jetpack cheat code.
  2. The trick, sadly, is to progress in either the knight or cult storylines.

How do I help a possessed husband Infernax?

This is pretty close to the end of the game, so you’ll have to leave the man hanging for a while. When you finally do clear Kadjanto Stronghold and get Holy Light, use the spell to cure him. He will give you a potion flask as a reward. And that’s how you help both of the possessed men in Infernax!

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