Can Rahu be Atmakaraka?

Can Rahu be Atmakaraka? Yes. Rahu can be considered as Atmakaraka if we use the 8 Jaimini karaka systems or methods. But most astrologers use the 7 karaka system only.

Can Rahu be Amatyakaraka planet? In a birth chart a planet with the second highest degree except Rahu is called Amatyakaraka. Karakas are a distinct feature in Jaimini astrology. The real meaning of Amatya is companion or follower of the King.

Which planet is best as Atmakaraka? 

  • Rahu.
  • Ketu.

Can Rahu or Ketu be Amatyakaraka? Only Ketu is not an Atmakaraka among the nine Grahas (planets). Rahu is included, however his karaka position is determined by subtracting 30 degrees from his position. Mars has travelled the most degrees in the sidereal zodiac, according to this transit chart, because it is at 29 degrees.

Can Rahu be Atmakaraka? – Additional Questions

How is Rahu as Atmakaraka calculated?

It is the planet with the highest degrees. If there are two planets in the same high degree, then check the minutes and then the seconds. Out of the nine Grahas (planets), only Ketu is not included as Atmakaraka. Rahu is included, but 30 degrees are to be deducted from Rahu to determine his karaka position.

Can Lagna be Atmakaraka?

If a person is born with Atmakaraka in the 1st house gets birth in a noble and royal family. Even if the native is born in a mediocre family, he attains high position and lives a king way life. This usually happens when the lord of . Navamsa Lagna conjoins the Atmakaraka in a kundali.

Can Rahu Ketu be Benefic?

The Rahu planet, for the layman, is beneficial if it occupies the house of enemies in your kundli. On occupying the house of enemies, Rahu and Ketu can safeguard you from effects like buri nazar and any sort of physical and emotional hurt.

Are Rahu and Ketu considered as Darakaraka?

The planet with lowest degree besides Rahu & Ketu is known as Darakaraka and it becomes spouse indicator.

Can Ketu be Benefic?

Usually considered a malefic planet, Ketu also acts as a benefic planet for specific horoscopes. When placed in the 3rd, 6th, and 11th house of a birth chart, Ketu produces mostly good results. But when it is weak, it brings detachment, diseases, loss of wealth, and trouble for children.

What happens if Atmakaraka is debilitated?

The Atmakarka teaches the lessons that must learn the most. If your atmakaraka is debilitated and placed in difficult houses like the 6th, 8th or 12th, then the level of suffering it may bring will be much greater than if it is exalted or in its own sign or in positive houses like the 1st, 5th or 9th.

What happens when Atmakaraka is combust?

A – According to Jaimini Atmakaraka is strong hence he suffers less from combustion. However, being a karaka his significations will get damaged to some extent [not lost due to being Chara Karaka] We must see normal parameters of the dignity of a planet being combusted and the nature of the sign.

What if Venus is Atmakaraka?

With an Atmakaraka Venus, a person should refrain from any sort of illegitimate affairs, lust or sex. He should have a good and clean character. An Atmakaraka Venus can mess things up which are associated with sexuality and relationships. It may also cause sugar problems if it is afflicted.

What happens when Saturn is Atmakaraka?

It simply indicates that the native will not be able to share his own sorrows with others, but will always have to share the grief and sorrows of many people around him. People with Atmakaraka Saturn often feel lonely and unwanted and may even develop the tendency of committing suicides at different phases of life.

What if Jupiter is Atmakaraka?

A person with an Atmakaraka Jupiter usually has strong principles. The strength of the belief is even more when Jupiter is not afflicted. Such a person is very spiritual throughout his/her life. Natives with strong Jupiter usually have high ideals.

What happens if Moon is Atmakaraka?

A person with Atmakaraka Moon is usually very caring and compassionate. The native with the Moon as Atmakaraka is very touchy and emotional. Only the native knows his/her own inner tides and thinking pattern. Signification of the Moon are highlighted in a native being nurturing like a mother, intuitive, imaginative.

Which planet is ruled by Hanuman?

Lord Hanuman is one of the most powerful deities. He is an incarnation of the supreme Lord Shiva hence he is powerful like Shiva. In Astrology he is mainly related with two planets – Mars and Saturn. In mythology it’s mentioned that though he is very powerful, one has to remind him about his powers.

What is my Atmakaraka?

There is a concept called Atmakaraka that reveals what the heart truly desires. Aatma means the soul and karaka refers to the significator. Vedic philosophers say that a soul is reborn only when it has some unfulfilled desires from its past life.

Why Tuesday is Hanuman day?

Lord Hanuman is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva. The son of Kesari and Anjana, Hanuman was born on the full moon day during the Hindu month of Chaitra on a Tuesday. Hence, devotees worship Sri Hanuman on Tuesdays.

What is the birth star of Lord Hanuman?

It is believed that Lord Hanuman was born during Chaitra Purnima just after sunrise during weekday Mangalwar. As per, he was born during Chitra Nakshatra and Mesha Lagna.

What is Lord Shiva’s nakshatra?

Among twenty-seven birth stars, Ardra is considered as the sixth nakshatra in Malayalam astrology. Rahu is the ruling planet and Rudra, the god of storm and destruction is the presiding deity of Ardra Nakshatra. The person who is born in Ardra birth star is influenced by Lord Shiva.

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