Can Damian be saved in Dying Light 2?

Can Damian be saved in Dying Light 2? If you interrupt, you’ll finally save Damien. If you do nothing, Damien will implicate himself in the atrocities and Roger will take him to the gallows to hang. And those are the decision you need to make in the Missing Persons sidequest if you want to save Damien.

What happens if you cooperate with Damien? If you choose to cooperate with Damien, you’ll aid him in helping to find his brother, Cliff. If you are adamant that Damien needs to be turned over to Carl, Damien will become enraged and attack you, forcing you to kill him and end the quest early.

Should I call Damien over the radio? This choice does not matter.

No matter what you do, Aiden will call Damien and update him about the situation. You’ll then be forced to fight Cliff and a few other goons, which Damien won’t be too happy about.

Should I go to Sophie or Aitor? Choosing Aitor in The Raid is the quicker of the two options in terms of ending the mission and, as once you do, a brand-new questline will begin. You should pretty much only pick this option if you know you want to align with the Peacekeepers for narrative or reward purposes during this point in the game.

Can Damian be saved in Dying Light 2? – Additional Questions

Should I leave the dog be Dying Light 2?

The final choice won’t affect anything beyond who you end up upsetting, so choose whatever feels best for you. Either way, here are the different outcomes: If you choose “Buddy died saving Scott and Moe,” the kids won’t get into any trouble, and Nerys will be happy that her sons are back and safe.

What happens if you hand Damien over to Carl?

Hand Damien Over to Carl

Damien won’t let anything happen to him, regardless of the innocent lives it might cost. So, when you, as Aiden, make it clear that you will not stand for that kind of sacrifice, Damien attacks.

Is there a way to save Damian?

To save Damien, players will have to proceed in the Missing Persons side quest in Dying Light 2 until he shows up at the bandit hideout. After that, the first choice will either end the mission or continue: Hand Damien over to Carl. Cooperate with Damien.

What happens if you save Damien?

Damien will head to the Bazaar if you save him and spend the remainder of the game there. For more on Dying Light 2, be sure to check out some of our other guides here on Pro Game Guides, like Should you help Jack and Joe or not in Dying Light 2? Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get updates on your favorite games!

How do you get the true ending in Dying Light 2?

This is the best outcome for the average people, and to get it, you should:
  1. Give Frank the Radio Tower.
  2. Believe Colonel Williams instead of Jack Matt.
  3. Keep Hakon alive.
  4. Save Frank during Breakout.
  5. Let Lawan detonate the explosives.

Is Waltz Aiden’s dad?

She is Waltz’s daughter, but Aiden isn’t related to them. The promise Aiden had made when he was younger was actually to Waltz in hopes that they could cure Mia. Determined to save his daughter, Waltz wants to run new tests in X13.

Can you romance Lawan?

In short, no, you cannot romance Lawan in Dying Light 2. While a romance system doesn’t exist in the game, your choices determine whether you get a good or bad outcome. So, at the end of the day, you can still run away with the City’s most fearsome rogue if you play your cards right.

Can you spare Hakon in the church?

If you left Hakon to die in Old Villedor, you’ll be forced to kill him which can affect the game’s endings. However, since this is a side quest, you can opt to ignore it, and meet Hakon later with Lawan by your side, and avoid having to kill him.

Should I give Hakon the GRE key?

Climb up into the church, then interact with the board blocking the window to enter the church proper. Hakon shows up but turns out he just wants the GRE key from you. This first timed choice doesn’t really matter, but the better option is to pick “I don’t want to fight”.

Is Aiden a night runner?

But not to worry, as none of these Nightrunner tools are missable. There are a total of 6 Nightrunner tools in Dying Light 2. Aiden will pick up Nightrunner tools such as the GRE Access Key, a pair of Binoculars, a Paraglider, a UV Flashlight, the GRE Detector, and a Grappling Hook during his journey.

What happens if you stop lawn from killing Hakon?

You’ll end up fighting the Renegades in the area. If you choose to stop the fight, Hakon will back down. This will only happen if you didn’t leave him to die when Lawan shot him in Old Villedor. If you choose to continue the fight, you’ll end up killing Hakon.

Should you trust Hakon?

What happens if you help Hakon? If you decide to help Hakon in spite of his betrayal, your character will follow the sniper. Finding the sniper will introduce a new character to the story, one that you will encounter again on numerous occasions throughout the game. She tells you not to trust or protect Hakon.

Does Lawan like Aiden?

Depending on player choice, Lawan’s relationship with Aiden will be either platonic or hint at potential romance. Although this is never explicitly shown, she will kiss Aiden on the cheek if she is officially made a Nightrunner (assuming she did not kill Hakon in the Nightrunners quest).

Should I be empathetic or practical to Lawan?

As for Lawan, most of the choices that will lead to this best ending occur during the “Shoes” main story quest. When she brings up her shoes, tell her “They look fine, Lawan.” After that, once you are having the conversation at nighttime, choose to be empathetic.

Can you romance in Dying Light 2?

Unfortunately, there are no romance options in Dying Light 2. While there are some quests that will lean a bit towards Aiden forming strong bonds with other characters, there is no real lovers in the City. You can not form a romantic relationship with anyone in the game.

Should I trust the colonel or side with Lawan?

We recommend trusting the Colonel for this choice. The decision does not have a huge impact on the ending, rather just your personal relationship with Jack Matt and Lawan, but the exploding zombies in the wetlands really are more of a headache than worth.

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