Are autopsies public record in NY?

Are autopsies public record in NY? The information contained within an autopsy report is confidential and treated as a medical record. The final report is available at no charge to the immediate and legal next of kin (spouse, adult child, parent, adult sibling or grandparent) by clicking on the Request for Autopsy Report Form.

Who is the coroner for Monroe County? Coroner Joey Proctor and his staff investigate cases of homicide, suicide, accident and all natural deaths that are sudden, unexpected or medically unattended.

Who is the medical examiner in Rochester NY? Monroe County, NY Adam J. Bello ยท County Executive.

How much does an autopsy cost in New York? There are no charges to the family for the services of the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. Who can I call if I have medical/scientific questions about an Autopsy Report I have received? Please call 212-447-2030 then press 3 to be directed to the medical examiner who performed the autopsy.

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